Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling

We at Plumbing Consulting Services are skilled in all areas of kitchen and bathroom renovations. A bathroom or kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home, however, issues and spiraling budgets can occur if you’re not 100% prepared.

We work well with other trades to ensure a hassle free renovation process from start to finish. We can provide disconnection, repositioning and reconnection of all plumbing fittings and fixtures

The Challenge in Installation of Filter

Hot water is an essential part of modern life, a necessity rather than a luxury. So choosing and installing a water heater is a very important decision in the life of your home. Whether you are replacing an old water heater or installing a brand new system, you may be concerned about the price. There are a number of factors that play a part in the cost of installing a new hot water heater.

Steve was very helpful and exceptional. Our water heater pilot was down and he patiently walked us through the process on phone at 12 on Sunday night. This is outstanding service . Thank you Home advisor and again thank you Steve.

Micale John, Client

The Final Taste of Water

A baseboard heating installation contains electric heating elements encased in metal pipes that go from one end of the enclosure to the other. As the air within the heater is warmed, it rises up in the room, and the cooler air is drawn into the bottom of the heater.

When possible a baseboard heating installation works best when installed under a window. As the heat rises it will neutralize the cold air that comes from the windows. Baseboard heaters should always be installed on the main outside walls because this is where the greatest heat loss occurs.