Repairs and Installation

Repairs and Installation

While it’s true that a dripping faucet can be irritating and frustrating, it’s also important to not that this smaller problem could be a sign of larger problems with your faucet, pipes, or plumbing.

An intense leak can have your bathroom or kitchen soaked with water in minutes. Some people might not notice but when you start seeing signs of stains on your floors ceilings and walls it can be a bit of a headache. Our plumbers can stop this from happening to you with Water leak detection

Sink or any fixture installation – New or Old

We get the job done quickly! At Plumbing Consulting Services, our professional technicians can repair any leakage issue you’re having in minutes! Contact us today for all of your leak repair needs!

If your faucet continues to drip when the nozzle is in the “off” position, the problem could be being caused by a wide range of different things. Pipe corrosion, defective gaskets, and mineral deposits are all possible causes, and there are plenty more.

Repaired our leaking tap and installed a new sink. Wonderful job !

Andrew Wilson, Client

Completion of quality work

Ignoring a problem with a dripping faucet in your home will only what would be a simple repair to develop into a large (and expensive) plumbing project. Taking care of the problem as soon as possible will guarantee that you need the least expensive repairs possible.

Certified Plumbers Tackle Your Repairs

Our professional plumbers can detect water leakage quickly, saving you a lot of money down the road. Let us utilize our years of experience to detect leaks or repair water leaks in your home or business.

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