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31 May. 21

What Are The Reasons Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home?

The water pressure in your home can make a big difference. It can make a big difference in how fast you rinse your dishes and the satisfaction of a shower after a long hot day. If you fail to find out the leaks or underlying problems in your plumbing system, consider hiring plumbing services in Sydney.
If it’s hard to rinse the shampoo out of your hair or filling the bathtub is dreadfully slow, it could be the result of low water pressure. While frustrating, poor water pressure doesn’t always mean big plumbing problems. Sometimes low water pressure can be easily fixed. Other times, you may need a professional. In this easy to read blog, we’ll walk through seven common reasons you may be experiencing low water pressure.

Check your main shutoff valve

Ensuring the main shutoff valve is in the right position can increase water pressure. This is because the main shutoff valve acts as a gateway for water entering your home. If this valve is not fully opened, it will limit the amount of water passing through. Similarly, shutting off the valve will cut the water supply off completely. Make sure to hire an expert team that has a specialist section of gas plumber.
Let’s start with checking the main shutoff valve. It can be located either in the basement or on the outside wall of a utility area in your home. If you are looking on the outside of your house, it may be on the side facing the street. City water will often enter street side and make its way to you. If your main shutoff valve is controlled by wheel-like handle, it needs to be fully turned counterclockwise. If it is a lever handle, the pipe direction and the handle must be parallel.
Your household is in control of the main shutoff valve. If you’ve recently had work done on your plumbing, it is likely the main shutoff valve was adjusted and not returned to its rightful place.

Is your water meter valve fully opened?

Like the main shutoff valve, the water meter valve is a main water source, which will affect water pressure. However, unlike the main shutoff valve, the water meter valve belongs to the city. It is not recommend tampering with the water meter valve unless you are having emergency plumbing problems and it is your only option. It doesn’t hurt to check though.
The water meter valve is usually right by your water meter. If the water meter handle is parallel with the supply line or water pipe, the valve is open. If the handle is at an angle, water flow is being altered. If the water meter valve needs to be adjusted, contact your local water department. They will advise on next steps and talk with you about your water pressure concerns. If you have recently had issues with your water pressure regulator, now is a good time to let them know. If you are not that keen with these works, consider calling a kitchen plumbing company in Sydney.

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Hot water heater problems

Believe it or not, and this is believable, your hot water heater can affect the pressure for both hot water and cold water. Below are two common reasons a hot water heater will produce low water pressure.

Hard water build up

Over time minerals and other sediments, even rust, will accumulate within the water heater tank and connecting pipes. The more build up, the less space water has to flow. Depending on where the buildup is located, the flow of water can be compromised going in and/or flowing out.

Water heater valve

Each water heater has a shut off valve. If the shut off valve has been closed and not fully reopened, your home will experience decreased water pressure. Returning the water heater valve to “Open” status will increase water pressure and return your water pressure back to normal.
Water heaters generate a lot of pressure and can be dangerous. Water heater repair should be left to gas plumber experts in Ermington to avoid an accident.

Your aerator screen might be clogged

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An aerator screen is the mesh screen at the end of your faucet that controls water flow through many tiny holes. Aerators are used for water flow management and water conservation. If an aerator screen is clogged, however, it will decrease your nice steady stream to an intermittent trickle. The good news is that only the faucet with a clogged aerator screen will be problematic and experience poor water pressure.
Removing the screen and soaking it in a hot water/vinegar solution can help. If the aerator is too far gone, take it to a home center to find a replacement. If this isn’t your cup of tea, let the experts do their job who are skilled in plumbing services.